Friday, October 2, 2009

Whitefeather ignition:

Whitefeather is a vision for building opportunity within schools and community.  It is a vision that gives children, youth and families the opportunity to be inspired and empowered to dream while being able to explore creative spirit and develop valuable life skills.
Here I am in Toronto,
my final 'leg of the trip', of which I came home and have seen friends and family, spending time in my hometown, for the first time since moving out west.

It's been a good visit all around,
have had fond memories, and spent quality time in chatham (realizing why, once again, that I love it),....
Being home I spoke to people around my community about what i am up to (such as inspiring passion and interest for the olympics, and wanting to ignite whitefeather).
I have also found myself in the face of opportunity to really get to know myself, and build strength in the areas of who I am becoming.  This trip overall has been a dreamful experience, of being taken where I may, and reading through memories of my old journals and books I had stored in my old house.  
Now here I am, ready to go back to the lovely city of Vancouver! full of newfound friends and opportunity ....I am ready for these next steps into Jocelyn Anna, pursuing my dreams as 'supernatural realities'.

oct. 9th, filmming wine festival in okanagan
oct. torch going through Victoria from Athens! :)
oct. editing for 'Wine Culture: a taste of land & beauty'
Oct. 28th, blackeyed peas/u2 concert

oct-infinite.  editing for 'Olympic Spirit: United through remembrance of our heritage and appreciation of our cultures'
oct-infinite.  training in body, mind and spirit for miss becoming universe, and becoming AnnaLyn, Jocelyn Lernout. 

Being that which you are:
I live from the center of my being, from the heart.
I am conscious of my thoughts and of my actions, and they are of love.  
I am open..., allowing beauty to be the sight of my experience.
my presence radiates this energy, as I journey through life, creating and living among our dreams, as we embrace opportunity and take action towards that which we aim to become.
I dream and work towards, I embrace and live graciously among the opportunities of:
miss universe canada
'whitefeather leading parade of nations' 
---opportunities being shared, inspired and celebrated; living with passion, striving to achieve potentials)
miss universe
acting lessons, acting opportunities
music lessons, singing/performing opportunities
writing, writing inspirational quotes, writing our journey, writing our understandings: organizing our photos/our writings to inspire and share our journeys/heritage/cultural experience
dancing, loving dance and activity, loving being fit, healthy, optimum health and openness to inspiration
making time to edit/be creative/make videos, art and music :) 
time to relax :), enjoy life, having quality experiences with friends and family
traveling/living among places I love/ meeting people and being social/ dressing up as my self, living as my best self/ LOVING Life to the fullest/ traveling and living among people I Love and who uplift me, as I live from the highest place possible, sincerely happy and radiating this peaceful, loving existence with all whose lives I am brilliantly able to touch.  Thank you my loves!! Love you all and am happy to be here, preparing for a life of my careerpaths, and enjoying the journey for all its worth! :)
Much Much Love

Jocelyn Anna
ever also becoming

(i also noticed 
mariLyn &
madONNA :)

my vision and passionate potential, my dreams, aspirations and Love of life to live and share with the world, i can see to be somewhere in between these two icons.  I love to dream and aspire to be an inspiration in this world.  And it is in my greatest beingness to want to share this inspiration through opportunities that allow me to give to this world...
I am open to these present opportunities that are part of leading me through a life of
INfinite opportunity :)
Cheers, inspiration and best wishes to you all.

Dream, and dream among a world of believing in infinite opportunity, for truly, these are our realities among a world of love....truly worth living

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